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Jude Robb's Testimonials

“I was lucky to attend recently a training day conducted by Jude Robb on 'Managing Conflict". As a teacher and psychologist who has attended many Professional Development Workshops, it was wonderful to have a day that focused so practically on the topic, she gave you a "tool bag" of skills to leave with. Jude's style of presentation was informative and she continually engaged with the audience. The testimonial to Jude is that she will be invited back to conduct more professional development days.”
- M.C.

"For two years or so, I have been having Professional Supervision with Jude, in my role as a Community Worker. I find Jude to be authentic, professional and caring in her manner. Jude's a great 'sounding board', knowledgeable, creative, gives input and makes suggestions - always respectful of my right to make my own decisions.
She's also quite good at setting challenges - ready for the taking - if one is willing!"
- M.T.

“After finally plucking up the courage to seek help for my chronic depression, I was referred to Ms Jude Robb. Initially, I was reticent to talk about a group of issues from much earlier parts of my life that had increasingly affected my day to day function. Jude allowed me to travel at my own pace and skilfully and professionally allowed me to conquer, but more importantly, lay to rest and finally deal with my ‘issues’. I now feel better and stronger with every day and I’ll be eternally grateful for Jude’s caring and expert guidance, which was never judgemental. The work I have put in with Jude has not only restored my peace of mind but has for the first time in many years, made me feel more positive about my life and the future. I will be forever in her debt. “
- N. (male) Gold Coast.

“As a psychology student, I met Jude through the Griffith University Mentoring Program. Throughout the 4 month program I found Jude to be genuinely interested in helping me with my career planning. She went to great lengths to include me in various work activities, arrange further contacts for me, and give me practical career advice. She challenged me to ask questions that linked my knowledge from studies with the work experience, and I felt comfortable talking openly about my concerns. Overall, my interactions with Jude were always enjoyable and very valuable to my career development.”
- E.T.