Potential Plus Psychology

Profile - Jude Robb

Jude Robb is a Counselling and Clinical Psychologist with many years working in the Human Service industry. Jude has extensive academic experience including a Bachelor of Arts (1981) Graduate Diploma of Social Science in Counselling (1989), Masters of Letters, Psychology (1995), Graduate Diploma of Further Education and Training 1997).
Jude has worked and lectured in the disciplines of psychology, sociology, counselling and education. This has given her an ability to practice as a psychologist with an appreciation of a range of theories, models and clinical issues for clients and colleagues in the field.

People who access Jude's experience through Potential Plus Psychology can be assured of assistance in managing their personal/professional lives and stressors more effectively. Her group and facilitation skills offer organisations a customised service. Personal Qualities of confidentiality, flexibility, excellent communication skills and good analytical skills ensure a respectful and responsive service mindful of differing client's and colleague's needs.

Groupwork & Facilitation

Jude has facilitated a range of therapeutic, educational and work groups.
The therapeutic groups include facilitation of men, women and adolescents in such areas as sexual abuse, domestic violence and self-esteem.

The educational groups include counselling, family therapy, couples therapy, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, case management, dual diagnosis, groupwork and human development to name a few.

Jude has extended her training experience over recent years as a lecturer with the School of Applied Psychology, Griffith University and the Department of Community Services, Gold Coast Institute of TAFE. This includes researching and facilitating course work in dual diagnosis, counselling, family therapy, couples counselling, community development, clinical and organisational psychology.

Organisational / Management

Jude's work experience with Government Departments (Health, Home and Community Care, Centrelink and TAFE) and the non-Government sector (Drug and Alcohol, Women's Services, Domestic Violence and Youth Work) indicate a breadth of experience across different management structures and client bases.

Her work experience includes management positions, facilitating planning days and service evaluations, strategic planning, teambuilding workshops and training work groups in a range of topic areas. Jude has years of voluntary committees of management experience spanning 24 years in the field, current appointments include Mentor (psychology) with Griffith University.

Experience in management teamed with studies in psychology enables Jude to create innovative, useful and engaging programs to suit organisational needs and outcomes.


Clinical Practice

Jude's clinical counselling experience includes working with adults, adolescents and children in the Government and Community Sectors. Jude's current private practice offers individual and couple counselling and clinical services. Studies in Addictive Disorders and Psychopathology underpin her vast clinical experience as a psychologist. Professional Supervision (group and individual), debriefing, coaching and mentoring are a focus of her current practice including psychologists, social workers, human service workers and managers .